Cairns waves goodbye to his role as President

By Jamie-Lee Bracken

In the coming months, Massey at Wellington Students’ Association (MAWSA) will bid farewell to its current president Adam Logan Cairns, as his term comes to an end.

It has been a busy year for Cairns and his team, who have been working hard to keep things ticking over.

While MAWSA’s next President has been announced, Cairns still has a few more weeks at in the top job, and is pleased with how things have gone in 2017.

Cairns says that he never thought he’d be president but says it makes sense he ended up in the role.

“I would always put my hand up for things, help out, and I’d always try and be positive with whoever I was around at Massey,” he says.

“When you do that, doors open up for you. I guess I just chose to walk through them and now it’s managed to get me an amazing set of skills to put on my CV,” says Cairns.

He says it’s been a year of learning how to execute his role and maintains he’s learnt to always put students first “no matter what”.

“That means being vocal, standing your ground and fighting for what you know is right, which has been backed up from what students have been saying to you in the elevators and lectures.

“This can cause tension and conflict but will help produce a better result in the end,” he says.

Despite a busy schedule and many meetings, he has thoroughly enjoyed his time in this role and what he’s been able to do for students.

“The best part about being President is being able to have input and small suggestions for lots of problems, events, and anything that happens at MAWSA and the university.

“Over time, you then get to see those suggestions come to fruition. The best input I feel like I’ve had this year was making the MAWSA Ball one night only instead of being spread out across two nights,” says Cairns.

He hopes that next years’ executive “rides on the successes” of 2017 and learns from the mistakes made, to make 2018 an even better year.

Cairns greatest legacy is getting free counselling he says. A huge step forward for Massey Wellington, he says.

He says he met several times with the Vice Chancellor to push for more affordable counselling on this campus.

“This has managed to trickle down the system and from this we have managed to get some awesome results,” he says.

“I’m so glad that we have been able to achieve a massive change at the university, and getting this result of free counselling has made everything worthwhile.”

Cairns has a few things in the works next year career wise and has this parting message to his 2017 team.

“When we take a step back and look at everything we’ve done with a different eye, an eye that isn’t involved with all the internal workings, we have honestly done a bloody beaut job.

“The amount of time and effort we’ve put into our areas and the massive amount of passion and drive we have, has been overwhelming and 100 per cent noticed across the university.”

In particular, Cairns thanks Fiona Lai who he says has been the “biggest rock and support” for him this whole year.









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