Brexit divides Wellington Brits

Wellington’s British students and ex-pats are torn over the United Kingdom’s abrupt withdrawal from the European Union.

The world was stunned last month when it was revealed that Britain would leave the EU, with 48.1 per cent of the population voting to remain in the Union and the other 51.9 per cent opting to leave.

The 2013 census revealed that there are 105,765 British and Irish born New Zealand residents living in the country, many of whom are upset with Britain’s choice.

Briton Kate Mariette was displeased with the outcome, telling Massive:

“I’m disappointed in the decision and I really feel for all those who voted to stay. [The decision] makes me feel even more grateful and blessed to be a resident of New Zealand.”

According to the final YouGov poll before the results were announced, 72 per cent of all 18-24 year olds wanted Britain to remain in the EU, with a mere 19 per cent in favour of Brexit.

This result grated 21-year-old Harry Heath, who told Massive:

“Most students would’ve wanted to remain. I know that’s what I would have preferred anyways. I feel like the baby boomer generation have let us down, again.”

Other students were much more positive about the outcome, with Adrian Rollet telling Massive:

“Brexit will be great for them in the future for sure.”

British student Jack Gradwell agreed, saying:

“It’s a terrific day for Britain. [I’m proud] to say that democracy has prevailed and we are now the masters of own fate.”

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