Screenshot of Neill Andrews' Dec 30 Facebook post.
Screenshot of Neill Andrews' Dec 30 Facebook post.
Screenshot of Neill Andrews’ Dec 30 Facebook post.

Wellington club goers and residents are reeling after a “disgusting” status was posted on Facebook by a Courtenay Place nightclub owner and DJ.

‘Famous’ owner Neill Andrews, a.k.a. DJ NDA, posted the following status on his personal Facebook page on December 30, 2013.

“Just because we don’t let groups of creepy Indian rapists into the club doesn’t make us racist, they also don’t buy alcohol. Probably so they can be sober enough to tie up the sack and lift the body into the back of their hybrid taxi, while wearing oversized leather jackets and sports shoes”, he wrote.

A Wellington man, who wishes to remain anonymous as he works in the same industry as Andrews, tweeted a screenshot of Andrews’ Facebook status. He told MASSIVE he has met Andrews before.

“I think he’s an idiot. I think it makes it bad that he’s speaking on behalf of a business saying that they won’t let a group of people in. It’s insanely illegal and racist,” he says.

“The thing that was concerning for me was that heaps of the comments on the post were overwhelmingly in support [of Andrews’ post].

“It was gross and not something you want to see. My Indian mates said that they see this quite a bit. It’s weird. I wouldn’t think New Zealand is racist, but apparently we are.”

New Zealand musician and former Trinity Roots band member Riki Gooch saw the screenshot of the status on Twitter. “I feel like Neill Andrews has not only let himself and his business down, but all of humanity,” he told MASSIVE yesterday.

A Wellington man of Indian heritage, who also does not want to be named, says the status was hardly surprising as Andrews has a reputation for being very outspoken and ignorant.

“I’m not going to lie, it was a little upsetting from the perspective of an Indian man in New Zealand,” he says.

“It does anger me especially considering Famous bar has an Indian DJ as a resident.

“I have no personal vendetta against Neill but for too long he has been able to run his mouth on social media and has had to account for nothing. He needs to learn there are consequences from what he says.”

Jayesh Ravla, another Wellington man of Indian heritage, says that the post was “disgusting”. “But it’s not the first time a Wellington club has had a no ethnic door policy,” he says, citing an incident he personally had in 2000.

Andrews has DJ’ed at notable events outside of Famous, including two former ANZ Christmas staff functions and for Martinborough based New Year’s festival La De Da.

ANZ and La De Da have since  announced that they will not use Andrews for events in future.

“We have spoken to the company that organized the entertainment for our Christmas event and asked that Mr Andrews not be used at our events in future in light of his reported remarks on Facebook,” said ANZ spokesman Stefan Herrick.

La De Da issued a statement on their Facebook page saying that Andrews will not play at the festival again, calling his remarks “abhorrent” and “disgusting”.

“Had we known of his racist rants prior to the festival we would have cancelled his performance immediately and apologized for making a mistake in booking someone who has completely different morals and beliefs to those we have founded this positive event on”, says the comment.

Andrews says that his club is ‘multicultural’, and that his post was not necessarily racially motivated.

“There’s a large amount of Indian clientele coming in being particularly sleazy. It’s a specific type of person from that particular ethic group.”

He says his comments were specifically targeted at these people because they are becoming a nuisance to his business.

“It is quite specific to certain group of people. We don’t allow certain types of people in which is not specifically racial stereotyping, but a type of behaviour.

“We absolutely have had people of Indian ethnicity sexually assaulting people [inside the club], but not really from other ethnic groups,” he said.

Andrews says Famous needs to ensure the safety of its customers.

“Famous ensures this by their in-house policy, which is not what I’d share with the media,” he said.

“It was a post on my personal page and I stand behind it. I can let in whoever I want as long as it’s not based on race, which it isn’t, it’s based on a specific type of person.

“I have the freedom of speech to say whatever I want.”

The Facebook post has since been deleted due to a complaint from DJ Carl Cox’s management, Andrews says. Cox, a British DJ, is scheduled to perform at Famous on January 17.

According to Andrews, the complaint said that Cox would take offense to the post because he’s black.

Andrews claims that this is itself quite racist.

Cox’s management could not be immediately reached for comment.

Former posts on Andrews’ personal Facebook page also specifically refer to Indians.
“How do Noel Lemmings (sic) advertise for staff? “Wanted, greasy, creepy Indian men with zero knowledge of electronics for exciting retail career” I think the ones that don’t make it automatically get employed at Burger King.”  – A personal Facebook status posted December 24, 2013 by Andrews.

Human Rights Commission spokesperson Vicki Hall says it is unlawful to discriminate against someone on the grounds of race and ethnicity when providing access to a public facility.

“Anyone who perceives they have been treated unfairly because of their ethnicity is encouraged to contact the Human Rights Commission,” she says.

According to the Human Rights Act 1993, prohibited grounds of discrimination include colour, race, and ethnic or national origins, which include nationality or citizenship. The Commission encourages individuals and communities to report offensive posts or material directly to the media organisation involved.

Things you can do it you view offensive material online:

  • If you feel personally threatened by the comments, contact the Police.
  • Report the material to the social media organisation involved (Facebook, YouTube etc) using the site’s own reporting system.
  • If nothing happens through the site’s own process, contact your ISP.
  • For further advice on reporting or challenging offensive online comment, see www.netsafe.org.nz.


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  1. Wow

    And to think people keep giving Americans a hard time for being racist

    Imagine if the world knew about Australia and NZ, they would fall over

    A bunch of sad, depressed, drunken, tragic losers at the bottom of the world – with nothing but sheep and poop for brains

    Hang your head in shame NZ. I am ashamed to be an NZ citizen

    Disgusting hill billys

    • I am a little surprised at how Backward (SOME) Kiwis are….just by reading some of the comments here. I lived in Europe and USA can say with confidence that Indian community here is Massive, Educated, Respected and Very Rich !! It is very common to see an Indian married or dating a white girl here in London, Paris….or even New York… I am shocked at narrow-mindedness of (SOME) Kiwis and would request that your kind don’t flock the Aussie/UK shores with your Toxic mindset, stay where you are please !! My Salute to Open minded accepting Kiwis who I believe are the Majority in NZ.

  2. Let us not beat behind the bush! White women may not be seeking sex all the time but let us put it this way that the majority believes ‘Well, if it happens, it happens’ No big deal!

    ‘Sexually Assaulted’- I do not believe educated Indians do that at all unless you have managed to find the worst of the lot, in search of free drinks which white women ask all the time when they find an Indian in a club. Stingy Caucasian males wouldn’t worry about spending a dime on anyone.

    What do Caucasians preach at home – dark coloured people are thick skinned, ugly and yuck!

    How many Caucasians like the Indian culture and invite Indians to their homes and socially integrate with them?

    Why do majority of the Indians have to work for Burger King, Noel lemming despite demonstrating superior Intellectual abilities? Why have these Globally 3rd grade ranked colleges and universities been setup, if locals weren’t going to study there at all?

    It is very clear that whites would go to school and universities if degrees were necessary for white collared work, if there wasn’t any racial bias and if getting a job was difficult without academics. These are globally benchmarked standards and hiring practices which all of the developed countries follow. This is what makes NZ unusually special in being so racist.

    Why are even the second/third or fourth generation Asians openly abused and unwanted socially amongst whites? Why do they never become a kiwi. Ask a white male and he’ll tell you it is just their driving-Ask them to come out and tell everyone that they find all Asians ugly in appearance,

    The reason behind all these problems is the UNEDUCATED NZ WHITE HOUSE!

  3. Well, its been a while since i last bothered with this page but here’s something i have to add to my observations:

    Firstly who needs white women? For those over-protective, jealous and “keep white blood white” mentality blokes and whatever else you can call it, think about what you are saying. Why are kiwi men heading to Asia to look for wives? Is it because asian women despite their poverty are loyal and can be relied upon while white kiwi women are busy getting their swing-on with whoever fulfills their fantasies (Indian, Asian, Caucasian or African). Admit it Caucasian folk. You guys have social problems and calling Indians as rapists and trying to potray a group of people as sexually repressed is not the correct answer. Be the Alpha male to your wife or the one you like and stop getting intimidated. I am an Indian man who gets white women flocking all over but i simply find them unreliant, untrustworthy and the shallowest of people. A few may be attractive but like thats a big deal for a Man who is content with himself and knows what he wants.

    Secondly as Kumar above mentioned, i have an African friend from North Shore who is moving around with countless Caucasian women and of whom quite a number are married. How about Andrews says something about them but NO! I reckon Mr Dj is busy looking up at Africans as better dressed (Like in the movies, music videos etc), cooler/ magnetic personality and simply an alpha intimidating male compared to himself plus why push african men away. They buy his beers, get laid with his wife or girl, have better moves on the dance floor and other women find them mysterious.. What is so mysterious about Indian men? Bollywood flicks, spicy food and book-worming all day!!

    I am sorry white boys but you guys are far from where the fire is. Now i am sorry but i have to leave. I need to put an end to this discussion this beautiful Saturday because i have to help my good neighbour, Trevor, who is a 43 year old twice divorced kiwi gentleman who needs help with his marital profile in search for a well deserving wife and partner in the Phillipines!

    Have a great day!

    Over and Out

  4. So you care about supporting the elderly kiwis?? Really are you being honest. The economy will not collapse as our corupt fractional reserve banking system requires immigration…why do you think house prices are so high you idiot?

    • yeah keep moaning as I said before !! house prices going high?? ask that question to your smiling assassin PM John Key who has ruined everything. Have the balls get immigration banned if you are so unhappy.. I am smiling coz I know that will never happen!

  5. Wow, some of the comments on here have just about destroyed my faith in humanity. Caucasians attacking Indians and Indians attacking Caucasians all for some comment made by an ignorant nobody. Of course NDA was out of line by stereotyping all Indian men as potential rapists. It’s obvious to anybody with a brain that it’s not true. There are rapists, sleazy, creepy and terrible men of every race worldwide. In saying that I think there are a few reasons why this topic has received so many comments.

    NDA’s racist comment was indefensible but the issue of sexual predation in night clubs and the safety of women in those clubs should be addressed.

    Speaking from experience, I have had multiple encounters with sexually aggressive men in bars, pubs and clubs. Not all of the aggressors were Indian but honestly, the majority were. Now I try not to discriminate against people and I have friends of all races, religions and nationalities (because NZ is awesome like that) including Indian. The majority of Indian men I have met have been awesome so I try not to judge all Indian men by the acts of a few but I have to be honest and say that when I am out at night I do feel threatened when I am approached by Indian men because of my (quite frightening) past experiences.

    Why is this? I don’t know a lot about Indian culture but I get the feeling that a significant number of Indian men believe that Caucasian women are easy and will sleep with anybody. I don’t know if that’s true but that is my observation. Some of the comments I have read here today have confirmed this. I think this belief encourages some Indian men to behave sexually aggressively towards Caucasian women.

    Here’s a message to all men, not just Indians. Women do not go out to night clubs to be sexually assaulted. Women go out to have fun with their friends and meet new people. Sometimes women go out to get laid – there’s nothing wrong with that. Women are people, they go out for all sorts of different reasons (but getting assaulted is not one of them)! Women are not something that you can treat however you want. If a woman wants to sleep with you then that is her prerogative if not then that is also her prerogative.

    Let’s treat everyone like individuals and stop stereotyping. Not all Indian men are rapists just as not all Caucasian women are whores. Anyone who believes otherwise is an ignorant person not worth listening to.

  6. Only an Idiot would pay 5x the fees for a degree in NZ? Why? Do you come here for a degree? Or do you come here to get the degree and get residence? The whole International student market is just an immigration scam study for residence. same as in Australia, And kiwis did not get tov ote on it!

    How many people get access to University in India??? Why do you choose to come to nz and make it your home? Just because the govt invited you does not mean you have to come? Surely India offers you a much higher standard of living than NZ as you are so much more educated than us? So why don’t whites flood to india?

    True we took over your country and took your loot and thats wrong. But India has it’s country back and white countries are giving there countries away and will have asian majorities for ever so you win!

    • Wow! So please ask your country’s parliament to ban immigration?? do you know what will happen? NZ economy will collapse… not that its in great shape at the moment but whatever remaining will go too! Please advise education consultants who line up in overseas countries asking for students to come here and study and apply for residence!! these are their own words. India and China have populations of 1.2 and 1.4 billion respectively with the ability to make it big wherever they move and if they would like to stay back and work here after spending a fortune what’s the harm?? No overseas students, no immigration means loss of billions of dollars and if we pack our bags and leave that will mean loss of skills, tax payers which this country desperately needs. Providing for the old, needy and other dole people comes out of our pockets. That’s how they can survive and in a way whole NZ also does. I really don’t expect this debate to end. There will be another Neil Andrews ready to write or speak out racist jibes targeting Indians or Asians.By the way India is part of South East Asia and we are Asian too !

    • Most of the people against Indians/Asians migrating to NZ have inculcated a belief that the majority i.e. Caucasians own the country and can base such policies to populate the country with their own colour only. The government has universal policies and Indians/Asians invest for a residence wasting their money on invaluable overseas education believing it could be worthwhile which is never is. If it was, only Indians/Asians would acquire management positions based on their superior academics.

      At the end of the day we have a huge bunch of unhappy whites and burger king employed Indians surviving together. Change your hatred and work towards your complexes and we may have all have a multicultural happy home and not just the white house.

    • Jim, you dont own this country. From the sounds of it, you probably dont even own a house. Dont write all such crap. One world, one race, one planet. We are humans, we live on Earth. No one owns anything . Immigrants are contributing more to the growth of this nation than you can imagine. If you really go into history, your parents or grand parents or grand grand parents also immigrated to NZ. Food for thought!

      • correct, I would love to have a chance to live in india but cant get a work permit as I dont have a phd? try to understand i would love to be a global citizen to? If only graduates can migrate then you are advocating social apartheid? looking down at poor people is disgusting thats the point im trying to make here.

      • What is wrong with not owning a house? Does that make me a loser?? Have you seen the price of housing? Dude if your daughter chose to marry a cleaner at mcdonalds would you say no she cant?? why? My point is Indians hate racism yet apply social bigotry to poor people? I don’t have an issue with indians I am just trying to point out that society concentrates on racism and ignores classism?

        I am scared that in the future indians will require kiwis to have degrees just to be a cleaner and that is not cool. All humans deserve a life of love and respect..not just graduates.

        For the record the night club owner is a cock racist jerk..But do you look down a blue collar people? If so why?

        Cheers Jim

        • you seem to have hatred against smart people

          Settle down you small minded bigot

          Indians are better than idiot kiwis – we all know that because theyre able to come here and take NZ jobs without a sweat

          But a kiwi probably isnt smart enough to be an assistant in India

    • I dont think Jim deserves any criticism here. At least he has the courage and conviction to come out and say what the majority of these uneducated whites believe. I think we should be kind to him as he probably is a peasant or a school drop out and managed to get a blue collared job under their mutual white h-o-nest ernest home understanding.

      All they need is Alcohol, money from their English parents (all of them including each and every establishment/business, sex all the time within same colour; no matter who it is, fluent English with a local accent and silence about all of it . Most of the immigrant Indians might not fit in with all these skills, so they end up with Noel Leeming, Burker King, etc.

      Confessions all Indian Rapist Taxi Drivers should make:
      White women are publicised by their male counter parts as porn desires, is our fault. Caucasians love the black American hip-hop which mostly includes sexual themes is our mistake, They drink all the time which makes them rich in culture, They stole our money is so wrong but is our fait, the expensive NZ education is crap only idiots invest in and Indians/asians are unwanted socially/publically is now an openly admitted fact.

      The conclusion here is that Indians should develop hatred towards this type of society equally as the Asians reciprocally develop (who have been totally eliminated from the kiwi society)

      Well done Jim & Co.

  7. My family have been in New Zealand for over 100 years, 4 generations and am an Indian.
    I was proud to call myself a Kiwi.

    The racist comments that have been made are unacceptable to me, If any other race was discriminated in this way the reaction of the public would have been total uproar. The damage done by these comments will impact the lives for all Indians living in this country. The only positive I can see from this, Indians in NZ can now see how racist this country is, as my eyes are now open.

  8. wow it’s amazing how the indians on this forum look down at non-graduates? Are blue collar people dirt? Should a kiwi women only marry a guy with a degree? Funny you say that Indians and Asians are smarter than dumb ass whites..

    Yet you all gravitate to “white” countries??? WHY??? Dumb Whites created the wheel, Automobile, Aircrafts, Electricity??? White countries house the poor, Educate all..Offer Hospital care to all and pay for the elderly.

    They also help people with handicaps and those with disabilities. Funny that if you were all superior that you all want to live here???? WHY????

    • jim pls ignore comments from immature indian students on this forum. they dont realise what all they are harping about. as they grow up, maturity will strike. I am aghast reading all that being written here.

    • Don’t ignore any comments. Being vocal is step 1 in an attempt to find the problem. Thanks Jim for your try!

      Start this at home and match it with your anti racial slurs that have become a habitual part of the white house or ask your mates to preach against your honest earnest nest crap that works for you people! Tell them it is the colossal loot not the colour that makes people honest and guaranteed for a livelihood no matter what they do.

      If you were so kind and a ,man of official stature, ask these white countries to work towards returning the loot money to the colonized nations on the pretext that we will do all that what you do with all our superior ability and education.


      • @ Jim and Albert please ignore the cheap comments made by some lousy guy. You guys are just wasting your time. Anyways no one is perfect in this world.

    • We have come here Mr Jim because your country has invited us to come here study ( which means pay 5 times the fees) , do business, invest, work and as a result become tax payers to the government. The reason being most Kiwis don’t go to Uni and those seats are vacant I have survived here all these years in NZ because of my grit, guts and determination. Not a single month has passed by where I haven’t encountered some direct/indirect racism by myself or another friend telling me some incident. Coming back to your question the argument here is not who Kiwi girls should marry?? who cares let them do what they want to. We really don’t care. All we are asking is for a bit of respect and have we got it?? Nope. I know Indians who are born and raised here and still call themselves Indians ! Why? ask how they were treated in school for looking different. Who said we don’t respect graduates?. My father wasn’t educated. However my family ensured that I get a quality education and come up in life. I have never messed around with anyone but these racist jibes that come up like this, Paul Henry’s racist rants on television which are Disgusting really has pissed me off. I remember my previous work white colleagues supporting Paul Henry! Plus the media calls NZ a totally equal society irrespective of colour?? The bottom line is don’t expect Indians to take nonsense all the time from locals.
      Enough is enough and its time to speak up.

      • Vijay if you found Paul Henry’s comments offensive you should listen to their radio. They all do it all the time on their talk shows.

        • Yes, of course I have heard a lot about Paul Henry. I don’t know how a media broadcaster is allowed to make such a racist comment in front of the whole New Zealand. Its really cheap way to show your attitude towards any race. This shows how bad the media works in NZ. The law says “discrimination on the basis of ethnicity is illegal under Section 44 of the Human Rights Act.” but I don’t know how he gets away with it. He is probably increasing the TRP rating of the particular show that he is hosting and bringing in some good money to the channels, so may be the law is lenient on him. Good on NZ. Here is the link on how racist Paul is on Indians & Hispanics->

          My opinion on Paul is that I just take it as a sense of humor. But don’t worry, one day Karma will get him!!

  9. Women go to nightclubs to get laid, period. If a white guy approaches her, she considers it as a compliment, when an Indian approaches them, its an act of aggression!! At the same time i have seen many white girls go ‘ga ga’ when an African approaches them (due to very well known reason, i need not explain).

    I have also noticed that Asian women too, like white women too, when approached by an Indian guy, even though he is alone, just wants a friendly conversation and is good looking, well educated and well off, react like the guy will ‘rape’ her. The truth is that and India has less than likely chance to get a normal date, what to talk about the one night stands. Same Asian women take it as a compliment, when a white or a black guy rubs his body onto hers on the dance floor of the night club, but when an Indian does it, it becomes an act of aggression. The reality check tells us that owing to the racial stereotyping and Zionist brainwashing, girls consider Indian as perverts and less attractive race. I even have heard white girl telling me that only the ‘fat, unwanted white girls will go for Indians’, or one who is rejected by her own race.

    This is quite true, and my experience being an Indian kiwi guy, educated in a prestigious NZ university and then in one of the worlds top institutions in states, i have had a hard time getting even a date, in New Zealand and States alike, owing to the fact that i am an ‘Indian’, the inferior race. However, that being said, i have had kiwi white girlfriend, and she liked me for who i was. Now i am engaged to an educated Asian girl, and think of all that time wasted in the nightclub and think that its good, Indians should stay at home and not go out and get wasted, and stick to what they are good at. That being, being a family person and loving husbands, providing father, stay upon the quest for education and well being, and stop chasing the white trash in the night clubs. Just look here in states, and average Indian household has an average income of USD 90,000, three times the average of typical American households, and Indians, despite being an ethnic minority dominate the ivy leagues along with Jewish and Asians.The first generation of Indians always struggles, drives taxis and do meager work, the second generation takes over owing to their education and hard work. The quick lay is good, but at the expense of dehumanizing yourself?? How good is that??.

    Lets the whites rot with their African counterparts, while we orientals should breed with the high IQ races only.

    • Well Said Kumar. I use to be like that once upon a time but none of the Kiwi girls give a damn. Then I thought its just a waste of time and most of the girls that go clubbing are just dumb teenagers. They are mostly those type of girls that are like Ewww! and Yuk! when they look at an Indian. They just judge by the looks and not by the persons heart. It is a fact that most of the girls who judge by looks, by money end up in a failed relationship. And I am pretty sure that one night stands are the major causes of depression, anxiety and panic attacks in teenagers these days. Also a source of STD’s. Most of the Indians don’t give a damn about clubbing and concentrate purely on higher education and professional work. I myself will be doing PhD these year. I am not saying that don’t enjoy or don’t go clubbing but that’s the fact. Indians just are too busy after their own work. Its just the young ones with young blood are of those types. And common guys even young kids everywhere are the same. It just gets more curiouser and curiouser for them.
      But at the same time mature Kiwi women are more friendly and open. Its been 4 years since I haven’t been clubbing. Right now I have a partner who is Kiwi and is my other half. I am going to marry her next year. And I am proud and happy to be a Kiwi!!

    • You are pathetic Kumar. You appear to be very racist towards white people. With so much education you seem to be harping on about, you still don’t seem to harbour much intelligence. You are a sick. You have just confirmed what has been said about said Indian men in clubs..”women go to clubs to to get laid”? That is what you think being an Indian male. You have just confirmed what was been said about your kind. You should go back to your backward country that gives you this mentality. Women do not go to clubs to get laid. They go to enjoy themselves,be with friends and have fun. Sleaze bags like you who think we are there to just laid ruin our nights by being pervy idiots….go bury your head in the sand and die.

      • kumar, thats a pretty lame thing to say Women go to nightclubs to get laid. thats not true. Girls love confidence, intelligence. Looks dont matter if you are in good shape. be nice, be charming. but by writing all this you are demonstrating that you dont have what it takes. So dont blame white girls. I am an Indian. I left India with $50 and in 10 years I am a very wealthy man. How I did it? Hard work and HUMILITY. The best part of being in NZ is that all are equal. rich or poor, blue collar or white collar, ALL are treated the same. Keep neutral mindset. And remember we have come here to make it home. If any kiwi goes to india and says all this about Indians on an Indian forum, it would be very disrespectful to Indians. You smile at any kiwi. You WILL get back a smile. Try it!

  10. On the contrary, no he can’t. For instance he isn’t allowed to let in minors as he sells alcohol and Just because it is PP doesn’t mean you can do what you want e.g. run a P lab out of it.

    The law still applies, within and without.

    It also appears he has no issue with sleazy rapists, only those of ‘Indian’ extraction and doesn’t profess to protect women from any other variety.

    Presumably the suspicious regard towards such individuals would be moderated if they did buy alcohol.

    It’s an interesting new phenomena whereby racists protest their human rights are being violated when called on their discrimination. Now Alana, that is irony.

  11. Hi Everyone,

    This is what happens with Indian Politics. For example, in India if a (sleazy) politician (similar to DJ Neil Andrews because the politicians in India are mostly illiterates and pass these kind of cheap comments not knowing about the consequences that those comments will be causing) comments on poor low class people or about some religion or about their culture, it will ignite riots and fights among people. These is how politics work in India. Mostly young people cause most of the riots and damage because of how young and dumb they are. Now in NZ, DJ Neil Andrews is doing the same. He has got some young followers and fans from the bar and Facebook. What will happen now is that these young followers will target all the sensitive people in our case Indians. I am pretty sure the young followers will target all the taxi drivers, dairy owners, students etc. (they are just a daily wage workers, hard working as Kiwis and other migrants are.) by passing lurid racists comments and damaging their health and properties there by increasing the NZ cops work and the crime rate. If taking into consideration Neil’s opinion and if we still follow him like Hitler it will surely damage our unity and confidence. Please young followers I know some young Indian chaps are like that. I am an Indian and I know how they are. Believe me they are worst in India and some behave really cheap towards women (especially towards my sister and mother). I personally hate them but it doesn’t mean I hate all of them. That was the reason I came to NZ because of the people and the peace. When I first came to NZ I was amazed by how honest Kiwis are and how they easily trust anyone. I like the way how Kiwis are so friendly and straightforward.
    Another instance is if we take the “Roast Busters” for an example. The young chaps here did something wrong which we all know about it. So, IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT WE (ESPECIALLY YOUNG GIRLS) WON’T MINGLE WITH THE YOUNG NZ CHAPS OR TELL THEM THAT THEY ARE ALL PERVERTS AND SICK!! PLEASE BE FAIR. I hope I made myself clear.

    Best Regards

    Keep the peace guys and gals!!

  12. Emma, it may be categorical and incorrect to comment if this culture comes from a society open to sex where they camouflage and boast that they started at 13 or from the villages of poor countries where they get their girls married at 13 and are not allowed to roam around or do what they want to do, openly.

    I think a good approach is to be vocal and open abound apprehensions in search of solutions.

    I sincerely believe that the white house bringing up children telling them (a) different people are strangers – (b) ‘We are all the same’ is the problem behind racial profiling based on rememberable observations.

    Americans know about it, acknowledge it and are working towards it (I don’t know how honestly though) but Nzers advocate whites to be quiet about it. This leads to further growth in racism.

  13. If he doesn’t want to let “creepy rapists” in, that’s fine. The problem is bringing race into it. Why mention Indians at all? That suggests that all the “creepy rapists” are Indians and that Indians are “creepy rapists”. Identifying one particular race as having this quality is exactly what makes it racist. It is foolish to defend the post in light of his protecting women or whatever. If he wanted to do that, he’d state that turns away “creepy rapists” in general. It is not a post about sexual harassment: it is a post profiling Indians as representative of those who sexually harass.

  14. They are sleazy men of all races look at all the convicted rapists and child molesters in New Zealand, I don’t think Indians come out on top.

  15. It is interesting that even some Indians are commenting saying that they are not surprised that these types of generalisations are being made. There is clearly a larger issue here. Not all Indians are creepy and wannabe rapists. It is not a race issue, but there is clearly a culture coming from somewhere that disrespects women and sees them as objects. It would be interesting to know where this culture is coming from. Just as Malala Yousafzai, the 14-year-old Pakistani girl was shot by the Taliban in retaliation for her education campaign…

    • Dear Emma,

      It is not totally true in regards to what you say. I can somehow agree with you that how men from the culture that you speak of see women as an object. Now lets just talk about the Porn Industry in America, Germany etc (mostly run by Europeans and white folks). How do they see women there. Don’t they see them as an object of pleasure. And of all it is a developed country and how can one pay women to perform such dreadful acts in front of the camera. Are they not human beings? Now you tell me about that (porn industry) happening in India and Pakistan. India and Pakistan is a place where most of the cultured guys respect their culture and women. Most of the guys stick to their wife and remain loyal to their partner. Just look at the statistics for instance, the divorce rate in India and in NZ as well as don’t forget about how small NZ is and its population. And for sure it is a fact that India has a lower divorce rate than NZ irrespective of its huge population. Here is the link for your reference->

      India is not even on the list. I am not saying that all the Indian men are cultured and respect women. There are some who are psychos, pedophiles and perverts but they are everywhere around the world. Now lets talk about West Auckland. I lived in Te Atatu for around 2-3 years and one thing for sure the people out in West are very friendly and mostly stoners. But on the other hand I have seen girls as young as 16 getting pregnant and giving birth to babies. And the guys who are making them pregnant are mostly in their late 20’s, druggie and crack addicts. Do you the know the percentage of solo mums in New Zealand. The answer is that its quite high. I am friends with some of the solo mums and their point of view towards those men is that they just consider them as a sperm donor. Now you tell me what is going to happen with those kids. Will the kid grow up without a father and what will happen when the kid ask their mother that where is my father. Do you know how many cases of schizophrenia are there in NZ. Its quite high too. At any time do you ask why there are so many cases of them in a small country like NZ. Its because most of them unfortunately grow up without a father or their parent are separated or is an orphanage or get bullied in school or end up in a failed relationships or had an alcoholic abusive mother or father or gets physically and sexually assaulted by their own relatives. I feel real pity for them. But hey no country is perfect and we have to make it perfect. I am a resident of NZ now and I will no matter what stand for NZ but I will do so without effecting and disturbing any culture or race.

      I hope you understood what I said.

      Best of luck and take care.

  16. I think this is a serious issue that has deeper roots than what Andrew’s Comments suggest. Caucasians have with age learnt the art of window dressing their sins at the cost of framing innocent fun loving people belonging to other races. Sex was never an issue; it is just the colour.

    The issue is grave because it is and always was inherent and deeply imbibed in the value system of the western white society. It is interesting to see Nda voicing it an finding a reason to raise a debate. This has resulted in so many people coming out of their shells and speaking out what they believe in.

    The solution to this global problem of racism starts at the Caucasian house where children learn how to respond to and behave with Indians or Asians, So if these people can write this much, one can only presume what all and to what extent they preach at home.

    As far as Simon King’s impressive an intelligent comments are concerned, i’l say he is ignorant to believe that all these people supporting Andrew’s comments do not understand all this. For them it is an extramural uni paper.

    If you find something ugly, just going into its biology does not make it less repulsive.

    Going to school and passing out with educated Indians can be a positive step in this direction.

  17. When I came to New Zealand, I never thought I would see something like this. You have complaints with Indians. but you never think that how much Indians are investing in your country. New Zealand is earning a big amount from overseas students and everybody know that Indians shares the largest part of it. why don’t you put sign boards out of clubs that if u don’t gonna drink, then don’t enter. I have seen a big number of girls and guys from new Zealand who always ask for smoke from other people in front of club and in streets, if they don’t have enough money to buy smoke why they go to clubs? you are blaming Indian guys what about girls here in NZ who are ready for one night stand just in greed of weed. first see yourself then say something about Indians. drinking doesn’t make anybody cool. you cant blame whole country just because of one or two persons. learn how to respect other communities.

  18. Agree bro. Me Indian too. Kiwis are beautiful people. Don’t write such stuff because of 1 idiot DJ. And the point the DJ is making does have truth to it. Some of Indian students get carried away looking at hot girls. Obviously hormones. Kiwis are beautiful and supporting us against the DJ. Be careful before you prove the DJ correct

    • Stop living in dream land mate! you think people are not supporting Neil Andrews ?? there were lot of people who commented in favour of his views. I have lived here a while and all the time its Indians who are generalised against. The questions put forward to me and some of my Indian mates are: How come you dont own a diary?? how come you dont drive taxis?? Ans: I dont because I am educated !
      Besides, no doubt there are sleazy students in particular Punjabis who have a couple of drinks and then turn into animals at clubs in Auckland especially at waterfront. They have brought a real bad name to the whole community similar like in OZ. Chill out and relax there are other communities in India too not just Punjabis !!

    • Kiwis are not beautiful lol

      You obviously havent spent enough time here

      Most people have never even heard of New Zealanders, or see them as drunk idiots at the bottom of the world

  19. Kiwis can keep moaning but still most still don’t go to university and improve their loser lifestyles ( drinking hard till they are sloshed out and puking everywhere!! ) plus they think thats cool !! being rude to immigrants is considered cool in NZ. Wait and watch till Indians and Chinese take over everything and still Kiwis will still moan about everything in life. The fact is we Indians are just smarter and can work hard and progress in life unlike their useless Kiwi/ British counterparts.

    • Hey bro why you generalizing all the kiwis in it?, Only one stupid made the comment , not all, so please do not generalize the topic about all the kiwis, I am an Indian, and i see very good people in this country other than few of those racist people. Lets take it easy mate,

      • Well this prick Andrews generalized Indians, why dont you care about that ?

        Most kiwis are losers generally. That is a fair statement to make, if you have lived overseas you would know that

    • Egocentricity in its finest there @ indians everywhere… That is the type of attitude that stirs racism – the arrogance that gets you turned away from a busy bar. A bar is a business, open to make money. As a hospo professional, I have experienced all cultures and their 2am “club-modes” – when it comes to any undesirable group of the same race, the door staff will always get called racist if they choose/are told to deny entry. Statistics or not, it would’ve been one incident of many that NDA would’ve experienced and got frustrated with. He could’ve just switched the privacy settings on his rant, because that’s what many of us do on FB – vent. People getting upset because he’s generalised about the whole Indian race, so the clever Indian above me decides to generalise about the entire Kiwi race.. Pot, kettle, black, my friend.

      • You still haven’t understood what I wrote. My biggest issue is all the time Indians are being targeted and nothing much is being done. I have experienced racism inspite of being as polite as possible and gosh I will never set foot into a club in NZ again, not that I was targeted but by the attitudes that Kiwi girls possess. Any rotten stuff done by Kiwi guys which I have seen they do all the time is seen as cool but hey if an Indian or asian guy even looks at them in the eye a dirty expression automatically appears on the so called beautiful Kiwi girl’s face!! The New Zealand media reports us as third world immigrants! Haha what a joke we run the economy ( We run your universities paying 5 times the fee a Kiwi pays) , We run businesses, work hard and pay tax to the govt and what we get in return?? Negative publicity and labelled as slumdogs! India by far is the 2nd largest emerging economy in the world behind China despite its issues ! NZ itself is a developing nation without any industry and thats why Kiwis who are so proud of their nation and heritage flock to Australia, UK and other countries in droves and still keep abusing poor Aussies all the time ! Hypocrites indeed. This guy Neil Andrews club should be boycotted by all Indians. Period ! I rest my case

  20. I Just saw the records that shows Rapes and sexual assaults reported in new zealand 83% are by white people, 17% are by all other race migrants. This shows exactly who is good and who is bad, He just made those comments just becoz they buy alcohol, coz they want to a sober drivers, not like those cheeky Drunk drivers.

  21. Totally agree with the guy! I have seen them, like a pack of hyena’s. A club is private property and can let in who they want or don’t want. Very similar to “exclusive” clubs with long lines and preferential entry lol…the real world is not equal!

  22. Sorry but his remarks are just abhorrant and racist. Any sleezy behaviour REGARDLESS !!! of race is wrong.
    This is singling out and attacking a race you cannot try to justify what he has said. This is the same ego maniac that also said” I wish i could give some people the gift of cancer”. Its a real shame that NDA’s ego attention whoring has been associated with a legend like Carl Cox.

  23. For those people who are wonder why this is such an issue for some of us. I would like to break down my view of the situation.

    My stake on this issue is that I am a Dj/Technician/Promoter who has worked in nightclubs for over 18years (including many WGT clubs) and have a great interest in the success and profile of NZ dance culture & nightlife.

    There are two key and very separate issue here.

    1) The racist comments
    2) undesirable customers in venues

    A racist comment is a racist comment. In this case its about semantics and the context of the comment. Identifying a whole group of people (Indians) calling them rapists and then further denigrating them by stereotyping them into a series of general activities (Taxi driving) and fashion sense (jackets, sports shoes). While some Indians may be creepy, may rape, drive taxi’s and wear sport shoes, they are by no means the only people to do these activities. More importantly it is unjustifiable to classify all Indian into this profile. Its not because they are Indian, its because they are creepy rapist types of people.

    People are entitled to their beliefs and their freedom of speech. However there is no context where a racist comment is justifiable and/or free from harsh criticism in a society where we do not condone racism.

    Dealing with undesirable customers in a hospitality environment is an issue that requires constant and professional management.

    What it does not require is a statement that racially slurs a specific group of people on a public facebook profile which is primarily used for promotional activity of the business the profile owner is involved in.

    As evident by many comments on multiple thread on this topic there is a very real issue with men who frequent night spots in order to grief on woman in the hope of sex: harassing them and or plying them with drinks, while staying sober, for the sole purpose of stupefying woman into a sexual encounter. This is abhorrent activity and likely to rapidly kill the business of any establishment that allows this to happen to their patrons.

    And while some of the men doing this may in fact be Indian. Not all Indian men do this and neither are Indian men (or men) the only people to do this. There may well likely be statical data to prove that a higher proportion of a certain group of people are more likely to engage in this activity but that was not clarified in the offending statement.

    There does appears to be ad-hoc industry knowledge that certain cultures or races of people are more like to exhibit less than desirable behaviour. So obviously there is a certain amount of “profiling” going on in the hospitality industry all ready. But this is not exclusive to Indian men by any means. Further stating this as policy on facebook actually contravenes international law on human rights.

    So the problem with the statement is that while it is talking about a very real issue for hospitality operators and patrons it utterly fails in terms of addressing the real problem in the professional manner required to really deal with the situation properly (which is the sexual harassment of patrons).

    What the statement does is reveal the amateur and highly unprofessional attitude of this operator. The racism is really just the icing on a major fail-cake.

    The amateurism and racism (which seems to be the result of ignorance and lack of intelligence mostly) of this business operator has been further displayed by his attempts to sue this publication by issuing a invoice (!). Posting images of himself with an Indian person on this facebook profile and his modification of a “Free Mandela” T-shirt logo to display his own face with the word “Free NDA Famous”.

    So basically this business operator who should be focusing on the very justifiable job of protecting his patrons from sexual harassment and promoting his business profile around unique opportunity of hosting one of the biggest name Djs on the planet Carl Cox has instead turned his time to publicly racial profiling and stereotyping a whole race of men as creepy rapist, and actively defending that stance, followed by a series of racial trolling on his facebook page, including the modification of artwork to was originally used to fight for the freedom of one of the most honoured and respected men on the planet from racial persecution, recently deceased Nelson Mandela.

    This guy is a major hindrance to the dance music scene in NZ and the good Hospitality operator of Courtney Place and Wellington. He deserves every piece of criticism available because he is continuing to bait the topic and failing to deal with the problems that his arrogant attitude brought upon his name and business in the first place.

  24. As a white female new zealander I would now feel completely comfortable visiting the Famous Bar. I know for a fact that I have been relentlessly persued by indian men at many establishments new zealand wide, not just in Wellington. I am also offended by the horrible smell they emit due to their diet and lack of personal hygiene. I congratulate Andrew on his bravery at speaking out. He has obviously had to remove this type of man, of any colour from his establishment due to unsavoury behaviour. It is probably easier to refuse them entry in the first place so he doesn’t have to go thru the hassle of removing them later. He is obviously having women leave and not come back to his bar after being hassled. It was also his personal facebook page and he should be able to voice his opinion on whatever he likes on that page and not have it related back to his business. I have a part samoan son and am in no way racist. But I agree that they are sometimes way to forward in their approach to women. Thanks for looking after the women that are frequenting your establishment. And by the way, I know people who work at ANZ and thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas party!!!!

    • @ Rachel you have a very nice attitude towards Indians. I will tell you my part of the story. I am an Indian and I have a Kiwi Partner. We are a happy couple. We used to live with a girl who is a kiwi (born and bought up in NZ) and her way of living was worse than a homeless man. We use to clean up after her mess, do her dishes etc. She never use to buy deodorant nor use to shower on time. So now she was like that, and that’s the way she wants to be. AND ITS DOESN’T MEAN THAT EVERY KIWI GIRLS ARE LIKE THAT!!!. THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE. I can even say that Samoans emit bad odors due to their physique. You tell me Rachel if its fair to discriminate people just by some people’s behavior and way of living.

      • i agree that bad people can come from any race or creed. I myself have had a flatmate similar to what you described. I can only speak from personal experience and what I initially said I stand by. But I have had bad experiences with all sorts of men from all different races. I think that any man who is seen to be trouble in a club regardless of race should be refused entry, so as not to have to deal with trouble after the fact. Thank you for your input and I will try to stay honest and true to what I believe a Kiwi to be…………

    • Rachel I think you should stop sniffing Indian males. Why do you do that?
      If you have a part samoan son you must be aware that he will never be a part of your white house as you have a mix now. Most of the samoans are labourers and NZ continues to invite these seasonal people. How does this generalization sound. Please stand by your stance of mating with a samoan and cribbing about Indians emitting bad odour.

      You are racist towards Indians but not to that extent that may include all dark people. We can understand your kind attitude after seeing that you have a half samoan child now.

  25. People are spot on suggesting NDA mightn’t understand true dance music culture. If he did, this situation might never have arisen. By the same token though, if you do truly get dance music, then you would know to check NDA’s racism with the love and patience that the scene is about. Don’t forget that his mana needs to be restored too, and he should be given an opportunity to do that. NDA, if you’re reading this, let’s see you turn Famous into what Wellington needs so desperately right now…a proper dance music club with a proper soundsystem, a truly inclusive and accepting place for people to rave and be free from the bullshit we put up with during the day…you’ll find Famous will be not only a successful business but a local institution…surely we all want that. If you’ve ever been to a proper dance music event you will remember that racism and sleaze were miles away…the atmosphere precludes it…Peace xx

  26. I agree i used to work in a bar in Wellington and the ammount of complaints we would receive through out the night about seedy guys-the majority if not all of them were indian guys trying to get girls drunk or harassing them to the point they dont want to come to the bar anymore, i have seen it first hand, matter of fact some of my friends have been the ones to complain. majority of these assholes are rude, demanding and disrespectful and when the girl gets borderline intoxicated the sleezebags go on and try take advantage, they try and buy them drinks to get them more intoxicated then they buy themselves a water thinking this is ok? someone needs to do something about it. come on people is rape ok? is harassing people in public ok? i think not, good on you Mr. Andrews i would of done the same
    come at me haters

    • Not coming at you as a hater. I don’t think anyone here is saying rape is ok. I’m sure most of NDA’s critics have the same disdain for sleaze as they do for his racism.

    • youre pig headed and bigoted

      If an Islander or maori did that, which they do, you wouldnt say anything

      You know why ? because your teeth would be knocked out

      So dont pick on the nerdy, smart, peaceful Indians, just because they dont fight back you lame coward

  27. Look who’s talking! Molested or raped by family is ok by Caucasians. It will heal. Drunk woman arm held by a drunk indian is a scar because he is ‘dark and thick’ as commonly referred to in New Zealand. Moreover it is funny to read his comments over Indians working for Noel Leeming. He should see how many Caucasians pass out from school. 99.9% of the kiwi work force has undereducated whites working at management positions

    Fortunate not to be white!

    • So you response to racism is to make more racially violent comments. And you’re seriously going to criticise the education system of “white people” (as you put it) when Women in India are not even allowed to be educated. so ignorant. And not a single (mentally sane) Caucasian thinks rape or molestation is ok?? you sound like a right twat.

        • Denial to age old facts takes us no where. I admit we have social problems and we are working towards them but what about white KIWIs? If you compare immigrant Indians with the local white population, you will find we are all highly educated but Caucasians rarely go to uni if at all they pass out from school.

          • Keep Hidden cheeky Anonymous!

            See after the loot in india by the British, a loot of poor people are now unable to invest in their children’s education. The same loot was and is still used to raise sophisticate farmers and convicts here.

      • Lol you try to rant about ignorance…

        Indian women have more degrees and education than any kiwi

        you guys are still seen as drunk idiots at the bottom of the world

  28. And Its a real shame your backing NDA Greg Churchill I used to respect you hugely But NDA and his bunch of bottomfeeding of the heap dj mates are a new low in dance culture you should reflect on where youre at

  29. NDA is a fool and a loud mouthed egotistical clown His band of brown nosed sheep are a disgrace to dance music His djing is appalling and legal threats are just hollow bluster well done Morgan Keep a good fight going hes a fool

  30. I’m a Indian and I don’t support Neil’s comments but I understand there its rooted in a wider issue of a lot of young single New Indians coming to NZ and going a bit ferrel. Indians have been part of the NZ community since the early 20th century and have built a reputation of honesty and hard work. What we have now is a influx of young students and recent immigrants who have not established themselves with the indian community and or attempt intergrat into NZ indian community so they hangout amoungst themselves don’t participate in sports or anything and go and weird it up in town. I really want these guys to change thier behaviour as rightly or wrongly it’s giving most other Indians a really bad reputation

    I hate Neil’s post and gross generalisation which is unfair and makes me feel really unsafe about going to town as I think I’m going to be racially profiled by bouncers who aren’t the brightest people to begin with. However he’s started a good debate and at least we are airing these issues out.

  31. there are also quite a few clubs and bars here Pattaya, Thailand where the owners do not allow indians to enter…the 2 most cited reasons are…1. the Indian clienteles do not want to buy any drinks ( if they do 5 of them will be sharing the same bottle). 2. female hostesses and female clientales are frequently harrassed…. i personally have no problems with them …i just want to share the story from the other side of the world..

  32. Have you ever watched an Indian dairy owner behave when a Maori or Pacific Islander comes into their store? They treat them Like they are about to steal something anyway! Ban Maoris from having children? what does that have to do with this? stay on topic please, you’re embarassing yourself!

    • It has everything to do with what this article is about- cultural stereotyping. Well done Rachel, you make a great point. Anonymous- a capital letter usually follows a full stop.

    • Why are you upset about how maoris and islanders are allegedly being treated , but dont care about this appalling case

      Are you one of those losers who only picks on good old Indians, but is too scared of Maoris and islanders ?

  33. So going by Neill Andrew’s pathetic logic, we should ban all Islanders from Indian owned dairy and liquor shops as statistically this ethic group commits most of the robberies, ban Maoris from having children and ban sleazy Europeans from running any finance companies.

  34. I am really quiet shocked by the amount of comments supporting this `Statuts Update`. The way you trying to deal with the problem of `sleazy man` shows me your lack of intelligence.

    Mr. Churchill , I don´t know if you serious with your comments, but as a promoter of music, culture and diversity , which is very much the core of the Music Industry it is very disappointing to hear your response.

  35. As an Indian guy, I am not surprised , Indian men act like a bunch of sec starved baboons. Even here in India , it;s the same. They think the girls there are easy and they look like Tom Cruise.

    Many clubs in India do not even allow single guys into clubs , all guys must be accompanied by women.

  36. You guys obviously have never been to the club, there’s always Indian’s in it, it’s the creepy as fuck one’s he’s gone and kicked out and banned. Whether you like it or not or even care to admit, the Indian race a long with a few others come off extremely strong when approaching women. I know far too many girls in Wellington who have been borderline sexually assaulted by Indian’s in these clubs, far more stories than you ever hear of anything else and that’s working in the industry for 8 years.

    • How many girls do you know are happy to make out after getting drunk? It is obvious that perhaps some Fiji Indians get carried away in haste looking at all the drunk European girls open to sex in these clubs. Next morning these women get nausea after realizing they got too close with a dark man.

      • Just like Indian women get Nausea after being repeatedly asked out by light-skinned, over-confident and insistant white fellows who think they can use their own skin tone and superiority complex to land women of other races, use them and then just call them easy the next day.. Some of you guys are so far from reality, it’s just amazing to read!

        • Yeah to white guys, its only creepy when Indian guys do it

          Never mind that white men are always in the news for pedophilia and child molestation

  37. I am an Indian guy and i take offence to this due to generalisation, baseless rationale and pretty much dumbness. This guy needs to know if that Indians imposed a ‘no entry’ policy to a single New Zealand race of his kind into our dairies or taxis would be unwarranted, childish and not only offensive but lame. So tell you what Andrews, ‘this is an invitation for you to come and hang out with me and my other Indian mates and see how classy a lifestyle we live’ as GENTLEMEN. I am proud to be an ethnic Indian as well as a New Zealander.. I promise you that women will be drawn to me in your club and i will turn down ten of them before i leave.. So lets not generalise a race and call anyone sleazy. Lets use bouncers and get rid of the few and call them idiots.. Lets not pull a race card.. Be a classy man and who better to know about being classy than one running a club. Your status is pathetic! Thankyou and Good Night

    • I personally dont even see it

      Its just a cowardly white guy ranting about one of the innocent races. Notice how he will never rant about blacks or islanders?

      Indian guys are smart, and hard working – they dont usually booze it up with most of the white trash of NZ anyway

  38. You interview and publish at some length the views of someone called Anonymous. You fail to offer Neill Andrews side of this story in order to at least gain some insight into his true character. Further you’ve failed to speak to anyone who may have first hand witnessed any of this carry on.
    As inflammatory as Neill’s comments have proven to been, so too has been your attempts of mediocre gutter journalism.

    • Greg Churchill, if that’s really him, wants to talk about fairness and impartiality when his name’s on the bill for the Carl Cox gig. Sorry man, you’re probably a good bloke just looking out for a mate, but that’s too obvious an irony not to reply..

      We think Morgan (who we don’t know from a bar of soap) should be commended for publishing this. Okay, the article could be better, but it’s brave of her to take on the issue, especially in this country where a lot of people aren’t equipped for intelligent critiques of racism..

      Good stuff Morgan, stick to your guns..

      • This has nothing to do with looking out for a mate and everything to do with a balanced story offering both sides the opportunity to at least explain what has transpired here.

        Further I’ve been involved with Carl Coxs management right from the get go in putting this gig into Famous, and not from the side of Famous wanting to book Carl. One of those very reasons being it offered a safe and extremely friendly environment especially to younger females.

  39. “I have the freedom of speech to say whatever I want.”

    Ummmm, yeah, and people also have the right to be free from racial discrimination. This dude might wanna do some reading into ‘inalienable rights’. It’s basic stuff..

    • There are two separate issues here – Andrew’s comments, which are indefensible, and his policy of protecting female patrons from unwanted sexual attentions, which is praiseworthy.

        • The comments themselves, independent of any policy, are still racially violent (that’s kinda why we agree they’re indefensible). I think that was the point of the original comment..

      • What if I told you that he could have done without that Facebook status too. That is racist. No one is stopping you from being a closet racist. But when you post on FB, you’re bound to get in back in your face. So shut up and drink your pink drink.

          • Are you retarded? Facebook, whether you believe it or not is a ‘public forum’…

            and that’s 1000x amplified with someone like NDA’s FB because a) it’s not set it private and b) he probably has upwards of 1,000 friends

  40. man you PC people need to open your eyes, your talking about these people lacking morals etc for trying to protect their clientele, people wont go to their venue if constantly they have what is conceived of as a sleazy man consantly hitting on them….yet your all saying its ok for a minority to when socializing, to constantly victimize woman, they go out with that intention and generally disrespect western ladies, this isnt an all indians are sleazy post, cause some of my best mates are from indian and have all the respect in the world for ladies, but its a cultural thing, do packs of men in nz rape women and light them on fire, stick metal bars up them??? not so often, and we dont want that here

    • The issue isn’t him not allowing them into the club, it’s his club he can do what he wants… the issue is the horrifically racist comments he’s posted on Facebook about it..

      Tell your staff not to let sleazy guys in, don’t post dumb shit all over FB.

      • “Tell your staff not to let sleazy guys in, don’t post dumb shit all over FB.” – By far the best comment posted…..

    • What the hell???? It’s the mind of shallow, ignoramus individuals like yourself which makes NZ a worse off place…..

      and if you think it is ok? Replace ‘Indian’ with what ever ethnicity you are and see if you don’t think it is racist….

    • Go the America if you want to see real rapists. India’s population of young men is enormous as they have a young median age and there is an imbalance of men over women and yet there is more rapist in America. Rape is part of the western culture. I don’t see young Indian men mentioned in the papers, so why do people single them out. If you don’t like to be too PC then shout it out that most rapes and abuse of women in NZ is a Polynesian thing. Or are you too PC to talk about Maori and Islanders?

    • I wish people like you who taint a whole race would die out

      Islanders and maoris are heavily represented in NZ crime stats – where is your disdain for them ?

      you deserved it lol

    • No he hasn’t, he has isolated a group of people who (in his opinion) all belong to one race, not the entire people of that race.

    • Actually I’d say it’s based on the fact that they lose him business due to them not buying drinks, and scaring girls away from having a good time because all they do is stand and stare, or approach them when their attention isn’t wanted. I’ve seen it all before and it’s not fun for anyone.

      • should we call Maoris out for annoying and scaring normal people every single day ?

        and disgusting us with their horrible ways ?

        At least Indians are smart and hard working

  41. Mossman says he would reuse Andrews as a DJ for La De Da unless his Facebook posts led to a loss of revenue for the festival.

    “If something affects our commercial venture, that’s the point we would look at arranging an alternative act,” said Mossman.

    This is what is wrong with society. Basically saying that he has absolutely no morals. I think it funny that it is socially acceptable to make this type of comment lol. Basically I have no regard for anyone or anything unless it has a monetary impact because that is all that is relevant. Just a little bit sickening to me.

    • If Mr Mossman doesn’t see a loss of revenue after his comments are well publicised, would that make the majority of NZers (or Mr Mossman’s customers) supporters of a racist?

    • This is just another example of Josh Mossman completely lacking any morals. First with owing many people a lot of money only to wiggle out of it which is completely disgusting and now saying ridiculous things like this. He attitude is definitely what is wrong with society and I wish he wouldn’t get the support from the general public that he does.

    • La De Da is fucking shite anyway. Embarrassingly so. Man there are some totally cringeworthy music fests here in NZ. Pathetic. Like Home Grown, Rhythm and Vines, etc etc..

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