Bitchin’ Kitchen — Vanja’s basil pasta

By Hannah Colenbrander 

The full credit for this meal belong to my Aunty Vanja, a modest connoisseur and explorer of food. Thanks to you for accidentally coming up with this delicious creation, and to your family for letting me eat their meal. Basil pasta is easy with such a tasty result. Well worth your precious student time, I promise.


2 cups macaroni pasta

4 tbsp (roughly) basil pesto

Sun dried tomatoes

baby spinach leaves

1/2 cup peas


Bacon and/or chicken


In one pot bring water to the boil and add pasta, in another boil the peas. In another pan, add oil and cook the bacon and/or chicken. Strain pasta and peas and add cooked meat and peas to the pot of pasta.

Add sun dried tomatoes, baby spinach leaves, basil pesto and peas. Thoroughly mix and serve.

Note: The quantities of each ingredient depends on the individual.

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