Anti-abortion club abolished from Auckland University

By Taryn Dryfhout

Students at Auckland University have voted to abolish an anti-abortion club which had been formally affiliated with the Auckland University Student’s Association (AUSA).

This follows a referendum, which took place over a week, asking whether the AUSA should cease its affiliation with the ProLife Club, an anti-abortion club.

Approximately 2700 students participated in the referendum, with 1600 voting in favour of seeing AUSA disaffiliating with the club.

According to the club’s co-president Jelena Middleton, the club expressed legitimate views on abortion, and the disaffiliation was an act of injustice.  She says ProLife have since publicly stated it will be seeking legal advice regarding the disaffiliation.

This is not the first time AUSA has found itself in hot water and made national headlines following the disaffiliation of a university club.

Earlier this year, the Auckland University European Student Association (AUESA) was forced to disband after it was labelled as racist by students and commentators.

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