AMESS’ Assassins

Albany Massey Engineering Student Society (AMESS) is bringing Campus Assassins back to Albany.

The game, which was previously played in 2012, has been delayed until the week of April 11-15. AMESS president, Cameron Mearns, says while initial response from students was very positive and enthusiastic, the reaction didn’t translate into sign-ups.

“We feel this may have also been due to students still settling into their studies for the year, so hopefully placing it after the holidays will mean that they are more relaxed, and looking for social activities to participate in”.

He adds while the game would have been possible with the number of students signed up, “we felt that those taking part in the event would benefit more and have a better experience if we had more participants signed up”.

Mearns says that “part of the fun is that the person hunting for you could be anyone, and they could be anywhere”.

“The atmosphere becomes a lot more immersive with a greater number of players”.

The objective of Campus Assassins is to eliminate other players in an effort to become the last surviving player.

In this round, the means of elimination is “the humble wooden spoon”. AMESS has also decided to include “the parry”, a method of defence which allows students to protect themselves when leaving lectures and laboratories.

Mearns says: “In the past students have skipped class to prevent themselves being caught when leaving, so hopefully students won’t feel skipping class is necessary”.

He adds that they are hoping for “some rather spectacular first-person style Go-Pro footage that we can share around Facebook”, with bonus prizes available for those with “good ‘kill-cam’ footage”. The overall winner will receive a $150 Westfield voucher, with $100 and $50 vouchers for second and third place winners, respectively.

While the round is only open to AMESS members, Mearns says that depending on the success of the game, “we would be willing to consider opening up the game to a wider set of participants in future rounds”.

Sign-ups for Campus Assassins is open until April 8 on the AMESS website, with sign-up costing $5.

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