American students love Wellington, hate Double Brown

American exchange students have spoken to Massive about their year’s experience in Wellington, outlining their love of New Zealand but strong distaste for Double Brown beer.

Cody GrandPre, a 20-year-old Business student from Colorado State University, says he has loved Wellington so far.

“[It’s] definitely a bigger city here in Wellington than what I’m used to. It’s cool being so close to the coast. Everyone’s super friendly and helpful.”

GrandPre says one of his favourite parts of Wellington is the Welsh Dragon bar, and his favourite New Zealand beer is Tuatara.

His opinion of Double Brown is not flattering, saying that “one sip was more than enough”.

Adam Sanders, a 21-year-old student from just north of St. Cloud, Minnesota, was similarly getting to grips with New Zealand’s capital.

“Wellington is the biggest city I’ve ever lived in. It’s different living in such a populated area.”

Sanders loves how “laid back” New Zealand students are, and says his highlight of the year so far has been a hiking trip to Red Rocks.

On Double Brown, Sanders was cagey, describing it as “beer water”.

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