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Massey University is New Zealand’s largest tertiary provider with over 36,000 students studying across its campuses and extramurally. That’s more people than the Wellington Stadium can hold!

University magazines have been around almost as long as universities themselves. Student publications are, by nature, usually associated with pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo, all the while providing up-and-coming journalists with a platform to practice their craft. Many of New Zealand’s top journalists are able to trace their career back to articles written for a student magazine.

Because student magazines showcase student work while providing journalistic content which is thought provoking and relevant to students, they receive a high pick-up from students, and each edition is usually read cover to cover over the course of the month. Because revenue generated through advertising goes towards supporting the student associations, a closer relationship is formed between reader and advertiser than is present in other magazines. Advertisers are perceived to be actively supporting life on campus, and this creates strong brand loyalty and a high level of recognition.

Whether your objective is brand promotion, recruitment, sampling, research or direct sales, Massive Magazine offers a multitude of platforms, media opportunities and expertise to help you reach students studying at Massey University.



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