2am club closing here to stay

By Adam Pearse

It’s been a month since Palmy clubs began shutting their doors at 2am and according to the Palmerston North Police, the earlier closing time has been a resounding success.

Palmerston North Police spokesperson, Brendon Gerrish says both the police force and bar owners have noticed a positive effect as a result of the earlier curfew.

“To date, it has been very successful,” he says.

“The licensees have found it having a positive impact to them and the information from them is that they are seeing that the public is well-behaved, they are not seeing issues they had seen prior to the initiative.

“That falls into line with what my team have seen at 2am, the behaviour of the public is at a higher standard than we had been seeing at 3am.”

He explains that with less time available in the bar, people are becoming less intoxicated which has led to safer streets at night.

“We are seeing people not as intoxicated as they have been at 3am as they are at 2am which leads on to the reduction of harm incidents.”

Gerrish says that once the initiative has been in place for a period of time, a review will be conducted in order to formally evaluate its success.

“The plan so far is that it is a success and in six months’ time which will give us a good snapshot in time to do a review and that will be the minimum amount of time that we can look at any facts and figures with any certainty.”

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