Nick Lovett, Vice-President

The Vice-President is responsible for ensuring that the Student Executive remain informed, keep to budget, go to meetings, and updates and develops policy that is representative of the needs and  wants of the Albany students.

He is a signatory, organises all the General Meetings and Elections, presents the Budget to the students for ratification and advises on Constitutional matters as they arise. This information collection and dissemination role is crucial to the effective and efficient working of the Albany Student Executive.


Tuafono Teio, International Students’ Representative

The International Students’ Representative is responsible for maintaining cultural ties with the  various cultural communities represented by students enrolled at the campus (Maori, Pakeha, Polynesian, Asian, Occidental, etc), and in the greater environment. He is there to help provide support, facilitate forums for discussion of cultural, spiritual, educational and recreational issues and work with cultural student groups to promote integration, retention and to help meet their specific needs and wants.


Jonathan McDonald, Recreation and Clubs’ Representative

The Recreation and Clubs’ Representative is responsible for monitoring the efficient and effective utilisation and adequate provision of recreational facilities on the Albany campus. The position is an ex-officio member of all affiliated clubs and societies, is a member of the Albany Sport and Recreation

Management Board; liaises with University Sport New Zealand Inc. and any other relevant local or national student bodies involved in recreation and leisure in tertiary education (e.g. SPARC); and  assists the ASA Clubs’ Development Officer and ASA Events Manager with helping to support and develop clubs on campus.


James Collins, Welfare Representative

The Welfare Representatives are responsible for overseeing all matters involving student welfare including the investigating, monitoring and reporting of welfare issues and services on the Auckland Campus; overseeing the coordination and writing of welfare policy of the Albany Student Executive; promoting, publicising and coordinating issues of welfare with other members of the Albany Student Executive and other students; coordinating the organisation of activities relevant to his or her portfolio, such as theme weeks; and liaising with the ASA Advocacy Coordinator over the operation of the  Student Assistance Programme (SAP) on the Albany campus.


William Ahn, Education Representative

The Education Representative is responsible for overseeing all matters involving student education including the investigating, monitoring and reporting of education issues and services on the Albany campus. He oversees and coordinates the writing of the Education policy of the Albany Student Executive; liaises with the ASA Advocacy Coordinator over the training, support and education of Class Representatives, on issues of education policy internal to the University; ensures that methods of assessment, student workloads, the performance of University teaching staff and quality of courses are monitored; and write submissions on educational issues.


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