$17,500 bonus for beginner teachers in Auckland

Photo Archive/2013/04-April/iTeachAZ

By Taryn Dryfhout

New teaching graduates starting their first jobs in Auckland in 2018 are set to receive a $17,500 bonus at the end of five years’ work.

The bonus is currently available for decile one and isolated schools but from next year, will be extended to all Auckland primary and secondary schools, more than doubling the current qualifying schools.

The scheme has already paid $3500 for each of the first five years that a beginner teacher spends in a decile one or isolated school, since it was announced in 2009.

The Ministry of Education is currently reviewing whether the bonus might be able to be claimed retrospectively for teachers already working in Auckland schools, and has not ruled out increasing the bonus, as well as considering add-ons for other regions and subject areas with current shortages.

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